You can easily integrate your application or website with link shortening.

You may follow the documentation below to get started.

#API Endpoint


#Required Parameters

Parameter Type Description
url URL / Link This is the long URL that you want to shorten, please keep in mind that it must start with the protocol (http/ftp etc...).
api_key API Key If you would like the link to show up in your account, provide the API Key parameter which can be found in your accounts page (must be registered).

#API Responses

The API will return a JSON response.

Response Type Responses Sample Response

"status" The status of the request, in this case it was successful.

"link" The shortened link

  "status": "success",
  "link": ""

"message" The overall error message.

"errors" The specific errors for each parameter

"url" In this case, the parameter "url" has the error. Possible errors include: incorrect URL format, URL not present.

   "message": "The given data was invalid.",
   "errors": {
        "url": [
            "The url field is required."