API Documentation

You can easily integrate your application or website with mub.me link shortening. Currently, only one parameter is required (url).

You may follow the documentation below to get started.

#API Endpoint

POST https://mub.me/api

#Required Parameters

Parameter Type Description
url URL / Link This is the long URL that you want to shorten, please keep in mind that it must start with the protocol (http/ftp etc...).

#API Responses

The mub.me API will return a JSON response.

Response Type Responses Sample Response

"status" The status of the request, in this case it was successful.

"link" The shortened link

  "status": "success",
  "link": "https://mub.me/chrome"

"message" The overall error message.

"errors" The specific errors for each parameter

"url" In this case, the parameter "url" has the error. Possible errors include: incorrect URL format, URL not present.

   "message": "The given data was invalid.",
   "errors": {
        "url": [
            "The url field is required."

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