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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is is a link management and shortening service that allows you to harness powerful tools to share, track and analyze traffic to your links. Unlike traditional URL shorteners, allows you to:

  • Customize and brand your link.
  • Display a splash screen or a visitor message before redirecting.
  • Protect your links with a password.
  • What type of links are allowed to be shortened?

    We do not have any restrictions on link shortening other than illegal links such as malware and phishing. If the link is suspected to be malicious, it will be deleted.

    My link has clicks from 'spider' device types, what are those?

    Spiders (or web crawlers) are internet bots that crawl links automatically, usually for indexing purposes. When tracking links, these are not considered 'human' visitors. We keep track of spiders and web crawlers for transparency reasons. You can ready more about spiders here:

    Are there any limits to how many links I can shorten or track?

    No. You can shorten, track and share unlimited links. is completely free for everyone.

    Can I delete a shortened link?

    Only registered users can delete links. Unless you have created the link while logged in, links cannot be deleted.

    What is the 'Custom Link/Alias' feature?

    The custom alias feature allows your links to be more personalized and even easier to remember. Say for example you have an Instagram page and wanted a special, easy to remember link. You could use the custom alias feature to make it so (i.e.

    What is the 'Redirect/Visitor Message' feature?

    The redirect message will display any message you specify to your visitors before they are redirected, this could be useful if you wanted to grab the attention of visitors or convey a message. Visitor messages can be removed or changed if the link is created in your account.

    What is the 'Link Password' feature?

    Protecting your link could be very useful. An example usage would be publicly publishing the link, but only premium customers would have the password. The password can be removed or changed at any time if the link is in your account.

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