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What is it?

Mub.me is a free URL shortening service that turns long links into short ones. For example; https://www.google.co.uk/#output=search&q=mub.me could be turned to https://mub.me/NfU This is a great way to save characters on websites that have a character limit such as twitter. It is also an excellent tool to beutify your links on articles, blogs or posts.

Who's it for?

Mub.me is for anyone and everyone, with combined simplicity and complication, anyone from age 6-1000 can use mub without needing a manual.

How does it work?

With the help of advanced, magical techniques, our wizards behind the servers work day and night to supply you with incredible speeds, pretty links and new technologies!

Have ideas, suggestions or compalaints?

We always welcome new ideas and comments, you can always contact us on hello@damdomy.com and tell us what you think :)

We have shortened a total of 6928 links and those links have been visited 100977 times all together.